What is concrete piling?

Strong and heavy concrete columns that are used to provide support to the foundation or base of any structure is called concrete piling. Which is later topped with concrete caps that rests between the column and the foundation.

Concrete piling is mainly used for the construction of residential homes and even light commercial buildings.

What is a steel piling?

Steel piling is also like concrete piling, but instead of concrete, the columns are made of steel. The durability plays a good role in the usage of steel piling for heavy structures such as skyscrapers, strong bridges and even heavy buildings. The steel piling also provides very good tensile strength that allows it to penetrate deep into the dense ground of the hard layer of soil.

Let’s take a look at the difference between concrete pipes and steel pipes.

Concrete piling pipes

  • Concrete piles come at affordable rates.
  • The length of the concrete piles, however, comes with a limitation.
  • Splicing concrete piles isn’t an option.
  • Concrete piles are displacement piles.
  • Concrete piles are non-corrosive.
  • Concrete piles cannot contain higher axial stress.
  • Concrete piles are normally used for domestic purpose. (eg: residential building)
  • Concrete piles require larger lifting equipment.
  • Concrete piles work hand in hand at marine environments.
  • Concrete piles are friction piles.

Steel piling pipes

  • Steel piles are very expensive.
  • Steel piles can be made according to our convenience at any reasonable length.
  • Splicing is an option for steel piles.
  • Steel piles aren’t displacement piles.
  • Steel piles are corrosive
  • Steel piles can contain higher axial stress.
  • Steel piles are normally used for commercial and heavier structures. (eg: skyscrapers).
  • Steel piles don’t require larger lifting equipment.
  • Steel piles aren’t a good option at marine environments, due to its corrosive nature.
  • Steel piles aren’t friction piles.

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